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What are the Precautions for Purchasing Crystal Lighting?

Oct. 23, 2020

As an Indoor Pendant Light Supplier, share it with you. There are many styles of top-level crystal lighting, which makes people look dazzling, so how to choose the product that suits you? Here is a summary of the things you should pay attention to when buying crystal lighting:

The first thing to consider is the room structure and decoration style; regardless of floor height, room spacing, ceiling beam decoration and distribution, interior design style, etc., all are factors to be considered when choosing and installing lighting.

Indoor Pendant Luxury Light

Indoor Pendant Luxury Light

Secondly, we must consider the lighting area; crystal lighting also plays an important role in the indoor lighting effect. Generally speaking, the lighting area can be measured according to the diameter of the crystal lamp or the wattage of the bulb. However, as the main indoor light source, the crystal lamp can be used with other lamps to exert its effect. After some customers buy crystal lamps, they only use them on special occasions. Usually they only use other lamps in the room. The refraction effect of crystal lamps as decoration is also very beautiful.

Of course the most important thing is the lighting effects. The light source must be clear, so that the crystal lighting can give full play to its effect. Don't use frosted or colored bulbs. Just use ordinary clear and bright bulbs to achieve the magnificent color of the crystal lamp. Customers can also request to install a light and dark adjustment switch to better meet the needs of different occasions. The quality of crystal lamp pendants is a link that cannot be ignored. Whether the crystal lighting is beautiful, flawless, safe and economical, in addition to the shape of the lighting itself, the crystal pendants chosen are also very important. The quality and price of pendants of different brands can vary greatly, and it is easy to be confused if you are not careful.

Many customers do not have a deep understanding of the quality of crystal lighting, causing some unscrupulous manufacturers to deceive customers for profiteering. There are many deception methods. Some use domestic beads or low-quality imported beads to pretend to be item-level lamp beads, and some manufacturers are still larger The periphery or the eye-catching place of the crystal lamp should be equipped with high-quality lamp beads; but the inner position of the lamp or the inconspicuous place, the difference is good, etc. In addition, if the holes of some counterfeit crystal chandelier pendants are not standard, they will have favorable edges, wear, and different sizes, which will not only affect the appearance of the crystal lamp, but also crack, causing the crystal chandelier pendant to fall from the ceiling and cause damage. . If the shape and size of each crystal chandelier pendant is different, and there are different shapes of tall, short and thin, it will greatly affect the beautiful appearance of the crystal lamp.

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