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Do you need to Plan your Home Lighting Decoration in Advance?

May. 12, 2020

Clear Glass Chandelier Manufacturer said that there are many lamp stores on the store is large. Many owners who buy lamps will have this experience: in the lamp store, a variety of lamps emit dazzling lights, which will dazzle you in a moment. Looking at all kinds of exquisitely shaped and brilliant lights, it is often impossible to get started. In addition, most of the lamp stores in Yancheng are scattered and not concentrated enough. It takes a lot of time and energy to shop around. Therefore, after visiting one or two lamp stores, they often end up under the introduction of the salesperson. However, after the installation or use of the lamps, various problems have been exposed. 

Clear Glass Minimalist Chandelier

Clear Glass Minimalist Chandelier

In this regard, first of all: lighting, together with the color, style, texture and other factors of the room, becomes an indispensable part of interior design. Therefore, it is best to start the circuit design planning of lighting at the stage of decoration, and never choose the lamp at the end of the decoration . One is because the circuit transformation is an important thing. If you have not done sufficient design and planning in advance, you may encounter the situation that the lamps and lanterns cannot be installed, affect the decoration effect, and are inconvenient to use after check-in because there are not enough lines or positions reserved during the decoration; second, there are sufficient Time to select the right lamps, when you know the lamp market, go straight to the theme and avoid buying blindly.

Secondly, many owners will be attracted by some luxurious lighting when they buy lamps, and they will buy them when the brain is hot. In fact, the purchase of light fixtures should be simple and not complicated, especially for a small-sized living room, the purchase of complex light fixtures will have a feeling of depression, but the simple but simple light fixtures are more contemporary, and also with the decoration of modern rooms The style matches more.

In addition, due to the high frequency of bulb replacement, it is common to replace ceiling bulbs. Therefore, when buying bulbs, it is best to consider whether it is convenient to change the bulb. Ask the caliber of the screw cap of the lamp cap, because some non-standard calibers cannot use energy-saving bulbs. In addition, kitchens and bathrooms have large water vapor and humidity, so the waterproofing of lamps must be considered when purchasing.

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