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How to Match the Furniture Style When Buying Lighting?

May. 23, 2020

Lighting Comparison-Shopping-Experience: Fabric Shade Bedroom Wall Lamp Supplier details how lighting should be properly matched with furniture style and arrangement, and what type of lighting should be installed in different occasions.

Lighting purchase and layout-which brand of lamps is good.

There are many factors to consider when deciding on the location, type, light intensity and light direction of the accessories.

The color of the ceiling, wall decoration, floor and even furniture will affect the performance of the lighting, and it must not be ignored when choosing the lighting. If the main color of the home environment (mainly the color of the wall) is a high-brightness light color system, such as white, beige, bright yellow, very light gray, etc., you can choose relatively low brightness and soft lighting to avoid harsh lights; if it is low Bright color walls, such as deep blue, maroon and other deep colors, need to match the higher brightness lighting.

Iron simple Wall Light Lamps

Iron simple Wall Light Lamps

The overall furniture style and arrangement determine the style and position of the lighting. The safe way is to match modern with classic, classical with classic. Of course, some masters can achieve good results by mixing modern and classic, but they must be carefully considered. There must be a response between modern times. If it is random and mixed, it will lose the most taste. The size, height, and position of furniture such as sofas, coffee tables, dining tables, desks, beds, bedside tables, etc. are the main basis for the size, height, and position of the table lamps, chandeliers, and floor lamps matching them.

The distribution position of lamps and lanterns should not be too concentrated. Chandeliers, Iron simple Wall Light Lamps, desk lamps, floor lamps and other lighting effects vary, and the light intensity is strong or weak. The centralized setting will cause light confusion, unclear intentions, and damage the room atmosphere. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the position of the lamps and lanterns in order, not too concentrated on a certain level, so as to avoid dazzling and clutter.

Saving energy is a necessary consideration. The best way to save electricity is to use natural light, so the setting of lighting should also be matched with it. First understand the orientation of the furniture, the location and size of the windows. Daylight conditions. If the adjustable lighting is used, it can take into account both the night lighting and the supplement of the natural light source during the day.

Household power supply layout is also very important. Without sufficient power supply, no matter how beautiful the lighting is, it can only be a "hero's useless land." Lamps and other electrical appliances in the room should be in harmony, to avoid potential safety hazards due to circuit overload.

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