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Do you know the Four Major Misunderstandings of Lamp Purchase?

Oct. 09, 2020

As an Aluminum Chandelier Supplier, share with you. Lighting is an important part of home design. Lamps and lanterns do not have to be luxurious, and lighting does not have to be dazzling, but you need to choose the right lamps and appropriate lighting in different spaces, otherwise it will not create a beautiful home atmosphere, and even expose your family to unhealthy light environments for a long time. , Affect physical and mental health.

Ceiling Clear Crystal Pendant Lamp

Ceiling Clear Crystal Pendant Lamp

Four Misunderstandings in Lighting Purchase

1.Lack of lighting knowledge, choose the light only by "seeing the right eye"

Lighting is a technology. Quite a few users lack the professional knowledge of lighting and lighting. When purchasing lamps, they usually only pay attention to appearance, energy saving and power. As for the illuminance, color temperature, color rendering of lamps and other indicators related to the health of the lighting environment, they know very little. less. In fact, too strong or too weak light, inappropriate color temperature, and color rendering can easily cause irritability and depression. In severe cases, it can also cause harm to the human body, such as decreased vision, dizziness, and insomnia.

2.No prior planning, choose lights at the end of the renovation

How to install the main lamp, where to install the switch socket, whether to install a spotlight, where to put a floor lamp, and what control method to choose. Lamps and lanterns are not meant to be installed, not only related to the overall planning of space lighting, but also related to the transformation of the circuit. Disorderly installation will not only make the house look unbeautiful, but too many or too few light sources will affect the comfort of home life and even affect physical and mental health.

3.Only pay attention to lighting, ignore decoration

With the development of society, lamps are no longer just a luminous electrical appliance, but also a good decoration for the family. In addition to providing users with a scientific, reasonable and healthy light environment, a good lighting product is also a work of art that represents and shows users' aesthetics and qualities.

Art lanterns, which are usually selected as the main lights, are self-evident for the decorative effect on the top of the house; wall lights and LED dimmable lights are a landscape hanging on the facade wall.

4.Only attach importance to lighting on the "sky" and ignore lighting on the ground

"Sky" lights mainly refer to the lights installed on the top of the house. Generally, when households do ceiling decoration, this part will be planned with lights. "Ground" lights mainly refer to foot lights. When you wake up at night, if you turn on ordinary lamps, the excessively strong light will irritate your eyes, which will affect your next sleep, and it will be inconvenient to switch. The soft light from the footlight makes people quiet and comfortable, without affecting the continuity of sleep. The footlight with intelligent sensor does not need to be manually switched, and will automatically emit soft light when people are active at night, which is convenient and does not affect family rest. The footlight is especially suitable for families with children and the elderly.

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