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How to Install Lamps more Perfect?

Apr. 16, 2020

After purchasing a satisfactory lamp, the next step is to install it. In fact, proper installation can also bring a lot of convenience to our maintenance. What should be paid attention to in the design, material selection and installation of lamps to avoid trouble? Ceiling Crystal Pendant Lamp Supplier tells everyone.

Ceiling Clear Crystal Pendant Lamp

Ceiling Clear Crystal Pendant Lamp

Part1: Tips for lamp installation planning is very important

Although the lamps are small, the installation is absolutely particular. The first task of the lamps installation is planning, planning which lamps are necessary and which lamps are placed where.

1. Do not use light strips for the background wall light source

The auxiliary light source of the ceiling background wall should not use light strips as much as possible, and use small fluorescent tubes to be bright enough to replace and repair.

2. The interval between lamps should be reasonable

Reasonable lamp spacing not only makes the space light source reasonable, but also makes the homeowner feel visually comfortable.

Part2: Pay attention to the selection of materials, choose the type of lamps carefully

Regrets of lamps often happen when buying building materials. When choosing building materials, you should consider which type to choose and where to install each type of lamp.

1. Don't buy spotlights

In the design of home improvement, we will resolutely cancel the spotlights that are not commonly used, and only regret it if they are installed, and they will not be turned on once in N years.

2. Switch lamps are best bought nearby

It is best to buy switches and lamps nearby, because during the installation process, after removing the packaging, you may find problems such as these, you have to change or make up, running so far, very tired and annoying, and these problems are generally in the decoration In the later period, the enthusiasm for the decoration at this time has been worn away, and the heart and soul are exhausted.

3. Use famous energy-saving lamps

It is recommended to use all brand-name energy-saving light bulbs, go to a big supermarket and don't feel lucky in the decoration city. A lifetime investment benefits.

Part3: Lighting installation technology

The installation process of lamps and lanterns affects the later use. The methods and precautions for installing lamps in different spaces are different.

1. The kitchen lights should be on

The kitchen lights should be bright. It is better to install another light above the sink or vegetable cutting case. The dark color of the kitchen ceiling is added with the dim frosted lamp. Alas, the kitchen lighting type is the same!

2. Aisle lamp socket

Leave a socket in the aisle to plug in the night light (the elderly do not have to worry about hitting the furniture at night)

3. Transformers should be installed for small spotlights

Small spotlights must be equipped with transformers. Don’t let workers be lazy. Without transformers, those lights are like small bombs that can explode at any time. The end result is that they will never be turned on (it is useless to change lights)!

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