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How to Clean the Lamps?

Aug. 15, 2020

As an Indoor Pendant Luxury Light Manufacturer, share with you. Normally cleaning the home is only focused on the ground, but forgot to see how much dust accumulated in the lamps at home? In order to match the home atmosphere, the shapes of the lamps are varied, and the cleaning methods are of course different. If you want to keep the lights in your home shining, you must clean and maintain them regularly. The following 5 common types of lights in the home, start to clean your home's lights after reading them to make each space more dazzling!

Clear Crystal Luxury Chandeliers

Clear Crystal Luxury Chandeliers

Lamp cleaning 1. Glass lamp, metal lamp

The glass lamp with clear material and different colors of lighting or various craftsmanship can always bring people a changeable visual experience, while the metal lamp can add a touch of sexy to the space. It is easy to keep glass and metal lamps clear and shining forever. If it is a detachable lampshade, just remove it and wash it and dry it; if it can’t be removed, it’s okay, as long as it is moistened with a cleaning cloth for glass. Scrubbing can quickly make the lamps shine again! In addition, if you want to make the metal lamp more shiny, you can also wipe the furniture maintenance wax or water wax in a "circle" way to eliminate the small fine lines on the metal Oh!

Lamp cleaning 2. LED lamp

In order to save electricity and environmental protection, many people start to use LED lights as the main light source in their homes. However, because LED lights are afraid of water, they are usually installed in dry places such as living rooms or bedrooms. If you want to clean the LED light, remember to avoid wiping it with a wet cloth, otherwise it will reduce the service life, just use a dry cloth or a dust-removing pad to gently sweep it to clean the dust. If you encounter more stubborn dirt, just use a dry cloth and a little water to clean it and wipe it off immediately to make the LED light shine again.

Lamp cleaning 3. Crystal lamp

The essential crystal lamp for a luxury house has a complicated and gorgeous design and is of great value. If you accidentally get dust on it, it will greatly reduce the style of the whole home. However, cleaning the crystal lamp is complicated. If you want to do it yourself, it is recommended to spray a special crystal cleaner on the surface of the lamp, and the dust will be taken away with the volatilization of the liquid; if there is no special cleaner, it is recommended not to use other cleaners to scrub. To avoid a chemical reaction, just wipe it carefully with a cloth that does not easily produce cotton. If the crystal lamp is stained with oil stains and other dirt, please directly find a special person for service, so as not to damage the crystal lamp for cleaning, and the final gain is not worth the loss.

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