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How does Home Improvement Use Soft Lighting to Create a Good Decorative Design Effect?

Jun. 10, 2020

As a Minimalist Wall Lamp Manufacturer, share with you.

The softness of light and color of lighting is consistent with the purpose of home decoration for comfort. If a person lives in a soft environment, it is undoubtedly very comfortable and comfortable.

Soft lighting is closely related to the selected lamps. Lights such as energy-saving lamps, fluorescent lamps, and transparent plastic, glass, and crystal glass are very soft and do not irritate the eyes or harm the skin. Therefore, to get a soft lighting effect, the first thing is to use lamps.

Minimalist Wall Lamp

Minimalist Wall Lamp

The soft lighting is mainly installed in the dining room, bedroom and study room. Please note that the softness requirements of the lighting in these rooms are different. For example, the soft lighting in the restaurant should give people a warm feeling. Can stimulate appetite. Like assembling an orange incandescent lamp, reflecting the restaurant with soft light through the reflector, forming an orange-yellow environment, it can give the diners a sense of comfort. The study is to reflect the bright, quiet and elegant regional space, not only requires the use of natural light is indirect, because you can not read and write in too strong or too weak light, to prevent eye fatigue and discomfort, but also requires manual fitting The lighting of the lamp is uniform, natural and soft, without adding any color. At the same time, it is necessary to install a stable light source, such as an incandescent light bulb, and not only use fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps. In particular, the lamps used by young people to read and write must be equipped with soft and stable light sources, which is not easy to cause eye fatigue and damage to the eyes. The key parts should also have local lighting. If it is a bookcase with a door, you can put a lamp in the shelf to find the book conveniently; if it is an open book shelf, you can assemble a spotlight on the upper part of the book shelf and choose a soft light to illuminate. As for reading and writing, it is best to use a table lamp that can adjust the angle and brightness to increase the comfort during use.

The bedroom is an area for sleeping and rest, and it is also a private space. The equipped lighting should not only show the softness, but also create a warm atmosphere, its decoration should be placed first, and the practicality is secondary. As long as it can be applied. The configuration of the main lamp should be consistent with the overall decoration style of the bedroom. Most of them choose deep-shade lamps without glare. Like the ceiling lamp with a transparent plastic cover or glass cover on the top; the transparent glass and pressure are installed on the wall. The wall lamp with flower glass or frosted glass as the outer cover; it is best to equip the bedside with a floor lamp or a hundred lamps that can adjust the angle and brightness. Its light is mainly soft, which is convenient for simple reading and bright light at night.

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