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How to Choose Lighting According to Style?

Jul. 15, 2020

As a Crystal Aluminum Chandelier Manufacturer, share with you. The classic style villas are mainly elegant and harmonious, most of them are mainly white, gold, yellow and dark red. And sometimes it will be mixed with a small amount of white softness. This color will look bright and generous, making the whole space look open, tolerant, and extraordinary atmosphere.


Clear Crystal Luxury Chandeliers

Pastoral style furniture and lighting, the pastoral style focuses on the expression of nature, the English pastoral furniture is characterized by gorgeous fabrics, is purely handmade, most of its flowers are mainly small floral, stripes, Scottish patterns, and English style Style furniture is always our eternal theme. For lamps, our lamps, whether they are chandeliers, floor lamps, desk lamps, or cloth covers, should be matched with it. This is the most important thing. The characteristic of the French pastoral style is mainly the whitewashing of the furniture. For all the treatments on our lamps, some large white areas should be used for the lampshade, and it is not necessary to break the pattern.

Mediterranean style furniture and lighting, most of the Mediterranean styles are mainly off-white walls, arches, sea-blue roof tiles, or doors and windows, and with the mosaic on the wall, it will give people a dignified atmosphere, and the feeling of jumping colors. In terms of lighting, the lamps are decorated in a Mediterranean style. The color should be careful not to jump too much. The color should be the main color, and most of its lamps should be high, and the height requirements should be slightly higher. In terms of its glass material, it can be paired with a little more brightly colored glass products on it, and it can be matched with the mosaic on its wall, so the effect is better.

The living room lamp, let's talk about its color matching, to choose. First of all, the living room lamp is a color match in addition to the height. How does the color match? Then you need to look at the main color of the decoration, the door frame, the corner line, and the main color. If it is white, then the living room lamp is also recommended. Choose white, don't be too heavy, if the living room is walnut, or mahogany, it has a lot of choice, you can choose black, red, or gold Yes, any color system is suitable for this kind of living room. And in terms of height, it depends on the overall height of the floor and the height of the floor to choose this lighting match.

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