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Can You Choose Lighting?

Sep. 01, 2020

As a Wall Lamp Luxury Supplier, share with you. Different colors of lighting can reflect the personality and aesthetics of the owner, and can also create different home environments. However, too many colors are often counterproductive, not only lacking a distinct personality, but also making us feel uncomfortable in such a lighting environment. Some families prefer the colorful feeling when choosing lamps, or in order to pursue high-end atmospheric effects, they install multi-color lamps in the room, which can illuminate the room into a colorful environment when needed. Although it may seem luxurious, in actual use, the messy light colors have an impact on our eyesight, as well as our normal life, and are prone to light pollution. In fact, as long as the color in the home environment has one main hue, there is no need to have too many colors, and there is no need to spend a lot of time to arrange the lamps. The colors and color temperatures of different rooms should also be coordinated.

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The brightness of the home environment lighting is too high or too low

The brightness of indoor lighting directly determines the indoor lighting environment. We all know that a too dark environment is not conducive to distinguishing objects and the environment, but too bright lighting can also affect our lives. Some people like to create a feeling of brilliance indoors and use a lot of lamps to provide a very bright environment. Some users like a low-key feeling. The indoor light only provides low-brightness lighting. These practices will affect us. The eye muscles will bring pressure and cause visual fatigue, which is not desirable. For home lighting, the brightness required by different functional areas is different. The living room needs to receive guests and provide an overall bright environment; the study room needs to provide a bright environment for reading;

The restaurant provides lighting for the dining environment, which requires higher brightness. The main function of the bedroom is to provide rest, and its brightness should not be too high, so as to create a more suitable environment for rest. Kitchens and bathrooms do not have high requirements for lighting. You can also use softer brightness lamps to provide lighting. In addition, it should be noted that although different spaces are suitable for different brightness, different rooms should not have too much light and dark changes. When the line of sight switches between different brightnesses, the eye muscles need to be adjusted to adapt to the environment, and large changes in light and shade can easily cause visual fatigue. This way we won't feel uncomfortable when entering different rooms.

In general, the brightness of indoor lighting should be kept soft and uniform, providing higher brightness in the living room, study and dining room, and lower brightness in the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, and there should be no big differences in different brightness. It can create suitable lighting for us without wasting energy.

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